Ear, Nose, Throat Services

Head & Neck

Salivary Gland Surgery removal of parotid or submandibular gland.

 Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery removal of partial or entire thyroid, or removal of parathyroid gland.

 Neck Mass Removal removal of abnormal mass of the neck.

 Microdirect Laryngoscopy – Removal of masses, including polyps, nodules, papillomas, etc., on the vocal chords.

 Repair of CSF leaks – Medical condition where brain fluid leaks from around the brain into the nose. The surgeon exposes the leak and patches it from inside the nose.


 Tonsil and Adenoid Removal removal for the treatment of recurrent infections or for sleep abnormalities.

 Ear Tube Placement placement of pressure equalization tubes for treatment of ear infections.

Frenulotomy (treatment of tongue tie) – clipping of the tissue between the tongue and floor of the mouth. When short, the tissue restricts tongue movement and causes difficulty with breastfeeding and speech.

Nose & Sinus

Rhinoplasty (cosmetic and complex reconstruction) enhancing the shape and/or function of the nose.

Complex Revision Rhinoplasty performing a secondary rhinoplasty/nasal surgery after one has a history of a sub-optimal result of an initial rhinoplasty.

Excision of skull base tumors – removal of intranasal masses or tumors in the nose.

Complex revision sinus surgery.

Comprehensive Management of Nasal Congestion inlcluding.

 Nasal Valve Reconstruction enhancing a narrowed/weakened area of resistance of nasal airflow.
 Septoplasty straightening of a crooked septum to enhance the nasal airway.
 Turbinate Reduction shrink the enlarged inferior turbinates of the nose, commonly causing congestion.
 Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery using video assistance to enhance the drainage patterns of the para-nasal sinuses.
 Balloon Sinuplasty newer technology to use in certain patients to assist in opening the para-nasal sinuses in a manner that strives to preserve surrounding anatomy.