Patient Testimonials

“ Very friendly and honest ”
“ Extremely professional, my first visit and can’t wait to get started on a regiment that he recommends to control my allergies. ”
“ I rarely see an MD who reads my chart thoroughly before seeing me. He was kind and thoughtful, did his due diligence with diagnosing. Extremely pleased! ”
“ Very pleasant, very professional. Very informative. ”
Amit S.
“ Very friendly front office staff, upon appointment booking & reception. Extremely knowledgeable and informative. Would 100% recommend. ”
Angela S.
“ Very impressed with the care we are receiving. ”
Austin A.
“ Very professional and friendly. A truly positive experience. ”
“ Very thorough and patient. It seems like he really wants to help. He is a good listener. Highly recommended. ”
Stewart L.
“ For me, the office staff is just as important as the doctor. If the staff is mean, then I don’t care how good the doctor is; I won’t return. The office staff at Allergy & [ENT] Associates is FANTASTIC! They are helpful and kind. In addition, my symptoms improved within a day of my visit. I am really relieved that I have found such a great doctor that I trust and enjoy. ”
Chris T