10 Tips for Best Hearing Aid Performance

  1. Remove your hearing aids at night.
  2. Open the battery doors every night.
  3. Every night, use a clean, dry tissue to gently wipe the outer part of your hearing
    aids. If you have earmolds, use the cleaning tool loop to clean the earmold’s opening.
  4. Keep hearing aids away from extreme heat and cold.
  5. Do not wear hearing aids while applying makeup or hair products.
  6. Do not get hearing aids wet.
  7. Keep hearing aids and batteries away from children and pets.
  8. Replace dead batteries when low battery beep occurs.
  9. Remove the sticker from the back of the battery and place it on your calendar every time you replace your battery. Wait a couple of minutes after removing the sticker before inserting the battery into your hearing aid.
  10. Schedule a six-month hearing aid follow up appointment to have your hearing aids cleaned and any questions/concerns addressed.

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