Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is a very broad term encompassing everything from facial fractures, to simple wound closures and complex reconstructions.

Dr. Cilento has extensive experience with facial trauma and reconstruction after cancer surgery (Mohs surgery). He trained under Dr Robert Stanley at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, one of the worlds most influential facial trauma surgeons and worked in the military caring for our nations veterans.

Besides his comprehensive experience dealing with facial trauma and cancer reconstruction, Dr. Cilento also employs Mohs reconstruction techniques and post operative dermabrasion and tissue handling techniques to revise scars and remove keloids.

If you are seeking a facial plastic surgeon in Houston, you should know what to expect from reconstructive surgery performed in Houston and who should be selected to perform this vitally important procedure.

On this page, we offer answers to many of your questions in this field. Here is help to guide you in your decision to get reconstructive surgery in Houston:

What is facial reconstruction?

It is the term applied to reconstructive surgery of the skull and facial bones due to a deformity caused by trauma, illness or of natural origin.

Who should get facial reconstruction?

Anyone who wants to restore a given facial function or have a more normal or improved appearance. Typical facial reconstruction patients include those that have birth defects that have greatly impacted their facial features, whose who have suffered an injury or illness that has left the face deformed and those who want to combat the effects of aging.

What does facial reconstruction accomplish?

A skilled facial plastic surgeon Houston can improve the functionality of muscles, bones, joints, tendons and nerves in the facial area, as well as improve one’s overall appearance and self-image.

Are there any qualifications needed to get reconstructive surgery Houston?

None other than being in good mental and physical health; non-smokers do far better as patients as well.

Will I have lifelong scars after facial reconstruction?

A trained facial plastic surgeon Houston will hide his/her surgical interventions in facial creases and folds. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are also a plus in reconstructive surgery Houston. Even skin cancer removal can be performed with minimal scarring and disfigurement.

What is a typical list of services that can be performed by a facial plastic surgeon in Houston?

Most facial plastic surgeons do work ranging from flap surgery to skin grafts to cancer removal to burn and scar revision, as well as all sorts of cosmetic surgery.

How long will it take me to recover from facial reconstruction surgery?

Most patients are able to resume normal activities after six weeks, although the length of your recovery period will depend on the extent of your surgery and your body’s unique healing process. You should also know that many facial plastic surgeries are performed in stages with recovery periods after each.

Q: Why should I choose Dr. Ben Cilento?

Because he has extensive experience with facial trauma and reconstruction and has performed many such surgeries as a long-time physician with the Armed Forces. He is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology as an expert in helping patients with disorders and diseases of the head and neck.

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