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Why Epinephrine Is Used to Stop Allergic Reactions

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction which is usually triggered by foods, drugs, an insect sting or latex. Anaphylaxis symptoms progress quickly and can be fatal if left untreated. The early symptoms may be mild, including itchy eye, runny nose or rash; but these symptoms can quickly lead to more serious problems like: Facial swelling […]

Nasal Irrigation

Buffered Hypertonic Saline Solution – For Nasal Irrigation Benefits of Nasal Irrigation Washes crusts and debris from nose. Salty water pulls fluid out of the swollen membranes of your nose. Decongests nose Improves air flow and breathing Helps open sinus passages A mixture of concentrated salt and baking soda helps the nose work better and […]


Rhinitis: Symptoms and Treatment Kurt R. Peters, M. D. Rhinitis simply means inflammation of the nose. When most people think about the symptoms of rhinitis such as sneezing, congestion, and copious secretions, they typically imagine that they are caused by allergies. The fact is however, that 23% of individuals who suffer from rhinitis have no allergies. These […]

Tree Pollen

Tree Pollen Springs Into Action Spring is in the air, and it’s not alone. With the onset of warmer temperatures come the onslaught of allergy-inducing pollens and the misery they bring to those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Sometimes referred to as hay fever although it’s neither caused by hay nor is fever a symptom […]

Toxic Mold

How To Avoid Mold Spores Darkness, dampness, and drafts are the three D’s to remember in the war against mold spores. Conditions which favor the growth of molds are low-level light, humidity and lack of ventilation. These microscopic organisms can be found indoors and out. They are a necessary part of our environment and are responsible […]

Surviving Spring Allergy Season

Surviving Spring Allergy Season It’s that time of the year, spring is in full swing and winter is slowly becoming a memory. While some people will be planning family picnics, trips to the ballpark and other ways to enjoy the warm weather, 35 million Americans will be preparing to deal with spring allergy symptoms. Allergic […]


Pollen, Pollen Everywhere—Ragweed Season in the Fall Mid August marks the beginning of Ragweed Season, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI). A stubborn, prolific plant, pollen released from ragweed is the airborne allergen most responsible for the onslaught of allergy symptoms this time of year. If you notice in the […]

Grass Pollen

Grass Pollens Begin Second Phase of Allergy Season Once the tree pollens have kicked off the spring allergy season, it’s time for phase two of nature’s three-step pollination cycle to spring into high gear. The allergen waiting in the wings? Grass pollen, the primary cause of spring and summer hay fever attacks, or seasonal allergic […]

Gardening with Allergies

Gardening With Allergies Are you dusting off the lawnmower? Are gardening clogs your regular footwear from March through October? Are you sore all season from stooping, seeding, and weeding? According to the National Gardening Association, approximately 40% of households in the U.S. are involved in vegetable and flower gardening. Even more households—two out of three […]

Mother Daughter


Herbal Medicines Do Count! When you arrive at your doctor’s office for an appointment and the doctor or nurse is reviewing the medications you are currently taking, make sure you mention ALL the medicines you take including herbal supplements. These medications have the potential to interact with other medications or treatments. This is information your […]

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