Allergy Treatment Specialists in Houston, Texas

Allergy & ENT Associates – a trusted consortium of fifteen allergy centers located throughout the Greater Houston Area – provides specialized care for the diagnosis and management of all types of allergies and hypersensitivities affecting lungs, skin, ear, nose, throat and stomach. Driven by a team of widely experienced doctors and support staff, we are the largest specialty allergy, asthma and immunology group practice in Texas. We have proven expertise in diagnosing and treating mild to moderate and severe allergies, triggered by:

Services and Procedures

Allergy & ENT Associates offers a comprehensive spectrum of services and procedures to facilitate accurate diagnosis. Our services and procedures include:

  • Food Challenges
  • Allergy Shots
  • Rush Immunotherapy
  • Allergy Drops (SLIT)

We match therapies to the specific profile of a patient, and based on the findings, prescribe allergy shots, medications, drops, rush immunotherapy, and other procedures.

Why Us?

All specialists of Allergy and ENT Associates are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) – the highest level of training and recognition an allergy physician can receive in the US – and are also the Diplomats of the Board of Pediatrics or Internal Medicine. Whether a patient has a mild, moderate or severe allergy, our physicians follow a comprehensive assessment to ensure the patients receive the best possible treatment. Our physicians also discuss prevention tips with patients, to reduce the course of treatment and improving the treatment’s response.

Contact for Appointment

Whether you want to make an appointment with one of the allergy experts at Allergy & ENT Associates or wish to learn more about our services and procedures, feel free to reach us at (713) MY-SINUS for a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, to book an appointment with one of our allergy specialists, click here.