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What to Do About Summer Allergies

What to Do About Summer Allergies

Summertime is all about being outside and enjoying the nice weather. Whether that’s grilling, camping, or going swimming. With that said, there is a chance that being outside is not as much of an enjoyable experience for you as it might be for others. On some days, you might be suffering from a headache or a runny nose, and allergies are most likely the […]

How Do People Allergies Develop?

How Do People Allergies Develop?

Many people who suffer from allergies often go out of their way to adapt their lifestyles to suit their symptoms. If you are suffering from allergies, you might be asking yourself, why do our bodies do this to us in the first place? Below, we cover how allergies develop, who’s at risk, and whether or not […]

a guide to the different types of allergies

A Guide to the Different Types of Allergies

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, over 50 million people in the United States face some form of an allergic reaction every year. Allergies are one of the major annoyances in life, and with so many different types of allergies, it can be hard to pinpoint what triggers your symptoms. As such, knowing what allergens […]

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Let’s Get Serious About Seasonal Allergies

Grass pollen isn’t the only trigger for seasonal allergies, but it’s one that asthma patients and parents of children with asthma should be aware of. Summer is peak season for grass pollen, which is a leading cause of hay fever and asthma attacks for those with allergic asthma. 24 million Americans suffer from asthma, 6 […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Summer Allergies

Spring is over and that time of the year when everyone is happy and vibrant is fast approaching. Welcome to summer, the season of camping, drinking, swimming, and hiking. However, one thing makes the season to be a health hazard; allergies. April showers and May flowers are almost gone and what is left, sneezing all […]

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Cold or Allergies? The Similarities and Differences

Many people around the country are misinformed about their symptoms by online message boards and social media posts. Many people are attempting to shorten their “cold” when, in fact, they are simply experiencing allergies. On the other hand, many people are taking allergy pills or running to allergy and asthma specialists, when they should be […]

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Is It Time To See An Allergy Doctor?

Sneeze, cough, cough, blow your nose, rinse and repeat again. Does this sound like your life lately? If so, maybe what you’re wrestling with is not just a common cold. Perhaps it’s time to make an appointment with an allergy doctor. You might think: But I’ve never had allergies. Or: I feel too sick for […]

Grass Pollen Allergy, Katy, TX

Heavy Grass Pollen

You may have gotten away with avoiding cutting your grass for the past six months, but now that summer is finally almost there if you haven’t already mowed your lawn, then your neighbors may be a little embarrassed. If however, you suffer from grass pollen allergies, then you may not only be avoiding this Saturday […]

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A Common Cold or Allergies? How to Know the Difference

Allergies affect over 50 million people every single year in the United States alone, and they need to be addressed or they will only worsen over time. Allergies come in different types, such as sinusitis, which affects around 37 million Americans annually, ragweed, which affects around 10% – 20% of the population, and more, and […]

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It’s Pollen Season: 4 Things You Can Do to Find Relief

It’s the height of tree pollen allergies which means that if you feel like you’re practically drowning in your symptoms, you are certainly not alone. Trees are the earliest pollen producers which means that they get to kick off the allergy season by practically torturing your sinuses, nose, and throats. Here in the Houston area, […]

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