Dr. Avila joined Allergy and ENT Associates in 2016. He is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Avila completed medical school at the University of Brasilia, Brazil, residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, and Allergy-Immunology Fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).

Dr. Avila spent 18 years in academia at UCSF and Northwestern University (NU) in Chicago where he rose to the rank of Professor of Medicine. He directed the UCSF-Stanford and then the NU Allergy-Immunology Fellowship Programs for a total of 13 years, supervising the training of 50 doctors in Pediatric and Adult Allergy-Immunology. He has been active in medical research as well, authoring or co-authoring over 130 papers and book chapters on asthma, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis (nasal and seasonal allergies), and chronic rhinosinusitis (sinus problems). He treats children and adults with those diseases as well as hives, food allergies, angioedema (swelling), eczema (atopic and contact), anaphylaxis, drug allergies (penicillin), insect allergies, and primary immunodeficiencies (not HIV).

Dr. Avila has spent his entire career cultivating knowledge about allergy and immunology issues. He brings that passion to our patients and their families, educating them about their disease process, treatment, and prevention. He provides practical and effective treatment options for patients and teaches them how to self-manage their acute and chronic symptoms.

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