Our professional team provides ENT head and neck surgery and procedures throughout our Texas locations. We make it simple to find quality solutions to your ear, nose, and throat conditions. We use the latest and cutting-edge technology to ensure you are treated safely. Our ENT specialists allow you to have ease of mind knowing you will be in good hands.

Types of Head & Neck Surgery

We offer various types of ENT head and neck surgery that range from tonsil and adenoid removal to ear tube placement and frenulectomy. These procedures can improve many different types of issues that can occur.

  • Tonsil and Adenoid Removal: By removing adenoids and tonsils, you may be able to treat recurrent infections or even sleep abnormalities.
  • Ear Tube Placement: This procedure involves the placement of pressure equalization tubes that can treat chronic ear infections.
  • Frenulectomy: This is also known as the treatment of tongue and lip tie. This procedure is well known to resolve speech of eating issues. The procedure involves the clipping of the tissue between your tongue and floor of the mouth or between the lip and the gums.

Experience the difference in quality with our ENT head and neck surgery and procedures and contact our dedicated team to learn more about how we can help you.

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