We provide nasal valve reconstruction services throughout Texas. This straightforward nasal and sinus procedure can be performed in our various office locations and are a painless way to treat any obstructions in the nasal valve. Obstructions in the nasal valve can result from various causes, including aging, nasal trauma or fracture, deviated septum, and many other reasons. It’s important to consult a sinus specialist to properly diagnose and find quality treatment options that are right for you.

What Is Nasal Valve Reconstruction?

Nasal valve reconstruction is a sinus-reducing procedure that corrects any nasal obstruction. The procedure involves reinforcing and treating a collapsed or narrow nasal airway. Nasal valve reconstruction can be described as an obstruction in your nasal valve. Recovery from nasal valve reconstruction services in Texas is generally not painful and is a simple way to treat nasal issues. Many nasal valve reconstruction procedures can be completed without any scars on your nose or face. Experience the difference in quality with our nasal valve reconstruction services throughout Texas and find the ideal solution for your nasal health.

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