You may think of rhinoplasty as a purely cosmetic procedure, but surgical alterations to the structure of the nose can also benefit your health. Rhinoplasty can help correct bumps in the nose and deviations that can affect your breathing. Improve both the function and aesthetic appearance of your nose by booking an appointment with Allergy & ENT Associates for the best rhinoplasty in Houston.

What does rhinoplasty surgery look like, though? Seeking out rhinoplasty in Houston can bring up many questions. Luckily, we’ve got the answers.

First, you’ll make a simple appointment with a sinus specialist or rhinoplasty surgeon. They’ll examine your nose and ask you some questions about your goals. What do you want your new nose to do for you? Cosmetic surgery does have noticeable mental health benefits, so if you’re mostly looking for an aesthetic change, let your doctor know.

Next, your surgeon will take a few “before” pictures of your nose. They may even hand you a “catalog” of noses, so you can choose the shape and appearance you want. Once you’ve booked an appointment for your functional or cosmetic rhinoplasty, prepare for your surgery. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin, and make your surroundings at home comfortable for your recovery.

Rhinoplasty surgery is generally an outpatient procedure, meaning that you don’t have to stay in the hospital overnight. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will discuss anesthesia options for you—a local anesthetic will numb the area, but you’ll be awake for the procedure. General anesthesia will put you to sleep until it’s over.

Once you are anesthetized, the surgeon will make a small incision in your septum (the tissue that separates your nostrils). Most of the work will be done on the inside of your nose, rearranging nasal tissues and removing any polyps present. If needed, your surgeon will take cartilage from another part of your body, like the ear, to aid in reconstruction. The procedure generally takes between one and two hours.

After you wake up or the local anesthesia wears off, your rhinoplasty surgeon will give you some instructions to aid in your recovery. You’ll have to sleep sitting up for a week or two—and don’t be alarmed by any bloody discharge that drips from your nose for the first couple of days. Gently wipe that discharge away, and avoid blowing your nose at all costs.

The swelling around your new nose will recede within a couple of weeks, but you should refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for at least a month. Give your nose all the TLC it needs, and unveil your new look with pride!

Book your appointment for revision rhinoplasty in Houston today, and see improved breathing and higher self-confidence with that new nose!