We proudly offer a balloon sinuplasty procedure in Houston, Texas, designed to treat chronic sinusitis. This procedure is for those who suffer from severe sinus issues, so it’s important to speak with an ENT specialist to determine if this is the right solution for you. Balloon sinuplasty helps clear blocked sinuses and relieve related sinus issues. Balloon sinuplasty patients typically have many questions and concerns before and after their sinusitis procedure. Our medical staff can walk you through every step of the process of our balloon sinuplasty procedure in Houston, Texas, to ease your mind and address your concerns.

Our balloon sinuplasty procedure involves the following steps:

    1. Anesthesia is given to numb the sinus areas.
    2. We will place a guide catheter with an endoscope into the nostril.
    3. Once the guide catheter reaches the sinus opening, it then advances into the blocked sinus.
    4. A balloon catheter is then placed onto the guide and is moved to the opening of the blocked sinus.
    5. The balloon is slowly inflated, which removes blockages and facilitates drainage.
    6. Saline solution is then sprayed through the catheter into the inflamed sinus.
    7. The catheter is removed, and when the balloon is inflated, it restructures the walls of the sinus.

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