The Family’s Role & Hearing Loss

The family plays a critical role in helping to meet the emotional and psychological needs of your hearing-impaired family member. It is a role filled with understanding and support. Consider the following when speaking to someone with a hearing loss:

  • Attract their attention. There is little benefit in speaking if they do not realize you are talking to them.
  • Always face the person. They need to watch your face for clues. Lip movements and body gestures are an important part of their listening.
  • Move Closer. Voices can fade around corners and across distances.
  • Speak slowly and distinctly. Louder is NOT better. Yelling will distort the words and hurt your throat.
  • Wait and watch. Stop when you see signs of uncertainty. Repeat yourself. Start again and watch to be sure that you are being understood.
  • Save important talk for appropriate times. Discuss important matters during ideal hearing conditions. Find a quiet, calm environment.

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