Allergies and asthma are distinct conditions that do not always appear together. However, they often go hand in hand; both diseases inflame the respiratory system and manifest similar symptoms. Both allergies and asthma stem from a mistaken biological response.

Take pollen, for example. Some lucky folks can take a walk in the woods without sniffling or sneezing. Pollen doesn’t bother everybody! But for those with an allergy, their immune system mistakes that pollen for a dangerous intruder. The system kicks into overdrive and produces chemical reactions that cause those familiar itches, tears, and sniffles.

Both allergies and asthma present this way when confronted with a trigger, whether it’s pollen or another substance like perfume or dust mites. The relationship between asthma and allergies is fairly straightforward. If you have allergy-induced asthma, that means your allergic reaction will trigger an asthma attack. Talk to your doctor at Allergy & ENT Associates, the premier ear, nose, and throat doctors near Houston, about asthma treatment options. Asthma is chronic—but controllable. We’ll walk you through the relationship between asthma and allergies and create a care plan to treat both conditions.

How does an allergic reaction turn into a full-blown asthma attack?

The allergic reaction occurs when your immune system identifies that harmless substance, like dust or pollen, as a threat to your health. It releases protective chemicals to fight off the “threat,” but those chemicals cause symptoms like nasal congestion, teary eyes, and itches.

For some people, the irritant goes deeper—to the lungs. When somebody with asthma interacts with an allergic trigger, their lungs overproduce mucus to fight it off. That mucus clogs the airways and makes it difficult to breathe, causing that wheezing and constriction that can be deadly. Think about the relationship between asthma and allergies when you and your doctor discuss treatment options. Your allergic triggers could be exacerbating your asthma.

If you suspect that your allergies and asthma are related, visit one of our locations throughout the Houston area including Cypress, Pearland, The Woodlands, and many more. We will help in identifying your allergic triggers. Both asthma and allergies are treatable, and the right care plan can drastically improve your quality of life and keep you breathing easily. Contact us today!