5 Questions To Ask an Audiologist at Your First Appointment


December 12, 2022


5 Questions To Ask an Audiologist at Your First Appointment

Booking your first appointment with an audiologist to discuss your hearing problems can be an uneasy experience. Although this process may seem intimidating, you can always ask your audiologist questions and receive an expert explanation about your condition.

Before heading to your appointment, take a list of questions and concerns you would like to bring to the audiologist’s attention. Here are five questions to ask the audiologist at your first appointment to help ease your nerves.

What Should I Expect During These Appointments?

During your first audiology appointment, you and the audiologist will discuss any hearing loss you’ve been experiencing and walk you through the process of tests you will take. After receiving the results, they will determine your best treatment options.

Follow-Up Question: How Many Additional Visits Will I Need?

You can also ask your audiologist how many follow-up appointments you will need. You may need to return to their office for your hearing exam results, for a hearing aid fitting, or to discuss any recommended lifestyle changes.

What Caused My Hearing Loss?

After you get your exam results, you should ask what may have caused your hearing loss. Your audiologists will gather the information needed to diagnose your type and degree of hearing loss. This condition could stem from your lifestyle choices, genetics, medical conditions, or a combination. Not to worry—your audiologist will paint the picture and explain the situation more thoroughly.

How Long Will My Hearing Aids Last?

Hearing aids and technology continue to improve with time, but most of today’s hearing aids will last for about 3 to 7 years or longer. Their longevity depends on how you maintain them. You should replace your hearing aid when you have hearing or health changes or if your hearing aids don’t work as efficiently as before. Your audiologist can explain what changes to look for and assist you when it’s time to replace your device.

What Are the Best Ways To Maintain My Hearing Aids?

A question you should ask during your audiology appointment is how you can take care of your hearing aids. If hearing aids are the appropriate solution for your needs, you should know how you can get the most use out of them. Most audiologists will advise you to clean the battery contacts and remove any earwax from your hearing aids with a soft cloth. Remember to not wear your hearing aids in the shower, while swimming, or while using hair spray or a drier, and follow any additional instructions your audiologist provides.

What Can I Do To Prevent Further Hearing Loss?

Although hearing loss isn’t curable, there are many ways you can prevent it from worsening. We recommend that you follow the treatment plan that our audiologists provide. You should also avoid noisy environments and minimize your headphones usage.

If you have any additional questions about our professional audiology services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at one of our nearby locations. At Allergy & ENT Associates, we take pride in serving the great state of Texas and providing the best services.

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