5 Things That Can Trigger a Vertigo Attack


February 10, 2023


5 Things That Can Trigger a Vertigo Attack

You will never know when an attack will hit, as it can be anytime or anywhere, and it can happen to anyone. Even people with outstanding health are susceptible to vertigo under the right conditions. Therefore, you must verse yourself on what vertigo is and how to deal with it so that you can relieve yourself of the condition before it worsens. Here are five things that can trigger a vertigo attack to get you started.

Fast Movements Involving Your Head

Everyone has had moments where they felt off balance and dizzy, either from moving too fast and stopping abruptly or from a sudden drop in elevation due to riding in vehicles, diving from a great height, or riding a rollercoaster. These are all great examples of things that can disrupt the equilibrium in your head where your balance is maintained.

Headaches and Migraines Can Cripple

Headaches are another trigger to stay aware of. Not only do headaches make you feel terrible from the constant pounding and aching, but you can develop vertigo if they become too intense as a residual effect of these symptoms. The intensity, consistency over time, or pain level can trigger a vertigo attack, so keep this in mind when you’re feeling under the weather with a headache.

Inner Ear Infections Will Null You

When you have an inner ear infection, known as labyrinthitis, you’ll feel like your ears are full, and your hearing could even be impaired. Couple this with both ears being infected, and you could feel like you’re underwater or have very poor perception due to hearing loss, which can cause vertigo. Allergies can sometimes cause problems with the inner ear, so schedule an appointment with your local allergy clinic. The allergy clinic in Houston is a great location that aids patients with these issues daily.

Vertigo From Nerve Issues

Similarly to inner ear infections, the nerves inside your ears that aid your hearing could become irritated and result in a lack of balance. The nerves inside your ears transmit messages to your brain, which controls your equilibrium with your hearing. When you have any ear trouble, you’ll almost always have some form of vertigo, which can come and go or stay for long periods, depending on the intensity of the problem.

Meniere’s Disease Is Linked

As unfortunate as it is, Meniere’s disease is common among many people. This condition causes fluid to build up around the middle ear, which deafens the individual and throws off their sense of balance. Vertigo is sure to follow. This can be a struggle for the person dealing with the condition, as both issues can hinder them completely if the conditions are bad enough.

These five things that can trigger a vertigo attack are among the most common. Look out for them if you’re feeling any strange issues with your balance and equilibrium so you can get treatment.

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