Best and Worst Ways to Clean Your Ears


July 8, 2020


Best and Worst Ways to Clean Your Ears

Maybe you’re wondering, what are the best and worst ways to clean your ears? Nobody enjoys having an ear full of wax, but cleaning your ears can be one of the trickiest things you can do. A lot of people tend to clean their ears improperly, which can cause long-lasting damage. But there a few things you shouldn’t use to clean your ears and some things that you should. Understanding how to clean the outside of your ears is fairly simple, but there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to cleaning the inside. Learn about some of the best and worst ways to clean your ears ahead.

Don’t: Use Cotton Swabs

A common mistake many make when it comes to cleaning out their ears is using cotton swabs. While it’s okay to use cotton swabs on the outside of your ear, you should never stick them deep inside your ear canal. A cotton swab can cause serious damage to your ear because it can just push earwax further down the ear, slow down the natural process of earwax removal, and result in an eardrum injury. If you have an excessive buildup of ear wax or other hearing issues, you should see a doctor.

Do: Try a Warm Washcloth

A much safer alternative for cleaning your ears is to use a wet washcloth instead. All you have to do is use a warm and wet washcloth and clean the outside part of your ear. This can even be done after safely using cotton swabs, too. Once you are finished, use another washcloth to dry your ears. Using a washcloth for your ears is a good, proactive way to keep your ears clear and help prevent an ear infection.

Don’t: Ear Candles

Another one of the worst ways you can clean your ear is by using ear candles. A major reason why you should avoid ear candles is because the method calls for a flame to draw the ear wax upward. When you use ear candles, you run the risk of getting injured by the fire or getting candle wax inside of your ear.

Do: Get Ear Drops

Instead of using ear candles, consider ear drops. You can get ear drops over the counter or make a solution of your own at home. What ear drops will do is loosen the ear wax and make it easier to remove. You may find you like using them after swimming, too.

Do: See A Doctor

Correctly cleaning your ears is one way of many to prevent hearing loss. After finding out what the best and worst ways to clean your ears are, you may still want to see an ENT in Katy. With a doctor, you can get your ear cleaned with a syringe of some water or get an ear lavage. Plus, an ENT doctor will be able to diagnose any potential issues you may have with your ears on top of getting a great cleaning. Contact Allergy & ENT Associates in the Houston area today for more information or to make an appointment.

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