Differences Between Childhood- and Adult-Onset Asthma


June 25, 2020


Asthma is a condition that makes it difficult to breathe because the airways can become inflamed. Asthma is a serious condition that affects around eight percent of the population, with 27 million Americans who have it. It is also worth noting that there are two different types of asthma, one from that can develop during childhood and the other when someone is an adult. Continue reading to understand more about the differences between childhood- and adult-onset asthma.
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Shared Triggers

Before we get into the differences between the two types of asthmas, it’s important to know that both have similar triggers that cause symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pressure, and coughing. Take note of the following triggers that might cause asthma symptoms:

  • Exercise
  • Smoke
  • Chemicals
  • Mold
  • Allergens
  • Cold Temperatures

Childhood-Onset Asthma

Childhood-onset asthma occurs when someone is young. As far as symptoms are concerned, they are known to come and go. Per Medical News Today, “Asthma affects 8.3% of children in the United States and is the most common chronic disease of childhood.” With childhood-onset asthma, symptoms may also disappear once a child reaches puberty.

Adult-Onset Asthma

With adult-onset asthma, symptoms will start to show up later in life and they will be more consistent. Asthma can develop in adults due to obesity and women are more prone to get it. This means daily treatment is more necessary for those who suffer from childhood-onset asthma.

The Main Differences

To put it simply, the main difference between childhood- and adult-onset asthma is that one occurs early on in life while the other happens in adulthood. If a child suffers from asthma early on in life, there’s a chance they will outgrow it. Meanwhile, adults who have onset asthma suffer from more consistent symptoms with an increased risk of death as well.

If you suffer from asthma and need treatment, your best option is to seek the help of a doctor at an ENT in Pearland, Clear Lake, and other areas surrounding Houston to get the help you need.

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