Have Chronic Nosebleeds? What You Need to Know


February 15, 2019


Nosebleed | Houston, TXHaving a nosebleed in the middle of winter may be your normal, but it shouldn’t be. If you notice that your nose gets drier and drier when the temperature drops, there could be a variety of causes. But if you experience nosebleeds in addition to having a dry nose, make an appointment and have us look at your nose. Let’s take a closer look at chronic nosebleeds and where they come from.

You’re Using Antihistamines

Antihistamines are a great way to combat runny noses and other symptoms of seasonal allergies, but chronic nosebleeds are a common side effect. Depending on how long you’ve been using your antihistamine for and how frequently you get nosebleeds, our ENT specialists may recommend that you either switch antihistamines or stop taking them altogether.

It’s Too Dry Outside

When you combine seasonal allergies with cold temperatures outside, it’s the perfect recipe for dry noses and frequent nosebleeds. Oftentimes, patients get one nosebleed that doesn’t heal properly because it’s too dry outside and then they pick at their scab. The result? Nosebleeds almost every day. To help moisturize your nose and get rid of that pesky nosebleed that keeps coming back over and over again, we may recommend medication or other treatments.

You’re Not Getting the Right Treatment

Many patients self-diagnose themselves with the wrong affliction. If you have allergies but are not treating them correctly, you may experience side effects like nosebleeds. Similarly, if you don’t have allergies but are treating yourself for them, that may also result in nosebleeds. By coming into one of our offices and getting a proper diagnosis, we can help you combat adverse side effects and get straight to the root of the problem.

Nobody wants to experience chronic nosebleeds. If you are getting regular nosebleeds, contact our Katy office today and call us at (713) 268-9419.

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