September 11, 2018


Rhinitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Kurt R. Peters, M. D.

Rhinitis simply means inflammation of the nose. When most people think about the symptoms of rhinitis such as sneezing, congestion, and copious secretions, they typically imagine that they are caused by allergies. The fact is however, that 23% of individuals who suffer from rhinitis have no allergies. These patients suffer from non-allergic rhinitis. There are many causes of this condition including anatomical abnormalities such as a deviated nasal septum (middle part of the nose), hormonal imbalances, side effects of both prescription and over the counter medications, chronic bacterial and fungal infections, thinning of the nasal tissue with age and neurological hypersensitivity to irritants. A thorough evaluation by a board certified allergist can distinguish the cause of a patient’s nasal disease and recommend the most appropriate treatment to alleviate the nagging symptoms of chronic non-allergic rhinitis.

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