The Best Forms of Allergy Treatment


September 9, 2020

Allergy Treatment

The Best Forms of Allergy Treatment

Allergies are not an easy thing to live with, but there are plenty of different ways you can ease symptoms and get on with your life instead of suffering. However, certain allergy treatments do different things, and you should have an idea of what might be the best option based on your specific type of allergies. Keep reading to discover the best forms of allergy treatment you can take.

Allergy Tablets

Perhaps the most common form of allergy treatment is taking tablets. By taking allergy tablets such as Zyrtec, Allegra, or Claritin, you can reduce everyday allergy symptoms. Tablets are often only designed to treat the effects of one allergen, but they are easier to get, as many are available over the counter at your local convenience store.

Allergy Drops

Another option that is newer to the United States is allergy drops. Taking allergy drops will have the same effect as tablets, and both are taken via mouth. One thing to note about allergy drops is that they are considered off-label since they aren’t approved by the FDA. Like tablets, this might be a better allergy treatment option for children who don’t want to get shots.

Allergy Shots

The next form of treatment you can try is an allergy shot. For some people, getting allergy shot injections over time can reduce symptoms or stop allergy attacks altogether. An allergy shot contains allergens that can help your immune system when injected.

Allergy shots are best suited to those who suffer from seasonal, indoor, and insect sting allergies. They will not work for food allergies. You should consider allergy shots if medications haven’t worked for you in the past, if you can’t take allergy tablets because interfere with other medications, or if you want to reduce the amount of allergy medication you take long-term.

Visit an ENT Clinic

If you are considering any of these allergy treatments, it’s best to first schedule an appointment at an allergy clinic in Houston. Allergy and ENT Associates can provide trustworthy advice from a medical professional on the best way to manage your allergies.

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