What You Need To Know About Fall and Winter Allergies


November 16, 2021


What You Need To Know About Fall and Winter Allergies

Why are you sneezing in September? Why is your nose running in November? Allergies can stick around all year long because allergens are always out there. Allergic symptoms can mimic asthma and bring about long-lasting sinus infections. So, if your allergies are lasting into the fall and winter, see an ENT specialist near you for advice. Here’s what you need to know about fall and winter allergies. Allergy & ENT Associates can help you fight those symptoms all year long.

What’s Causing Them?

With pollen season coming to a close, you may wonder why your eyes are still itching and watering. There are plenty of other allergens out there, though, and many of them get worse in the winter. Dust mites, animal dander, and dry air are common culprits. When you’re indoors all the time, your access to fresh air is limited, and the air around you is more concentrated with potential allergy triggers.

What Do They Look Like?

Symptoms of fall and winter allergies are similar to their spring and summer counterparts. You may experience itchy, watery eyes and unpleasant nasal congestion, as well as sneezing and general fatigue. With winter, in particular, dry air and wild temperature changes can trigger allergy or asthma-like symptoms. If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms well into the winter, contact an allergy specialist in Houston and work together on symptom relief and solutions.

What Can You Do?

Think about the things you do in the spring and summer to banish allergy triggers. You can take similar actions in the colder months. Launder your linens and curtains regularly to stomp out any dust mites or dander trapped therein. Wipe and vacuum your home often for the same reasons. During the cold season, dry air can exacerbate allergic symptoms. Therefore, invest in a good humidifier and run it often. But be careful—too much humidity can encourage mildew growth. Keep a small humidifier in your room and turn it on right before you go to sleep.

Are your allergy symptoms following you into the fall and winter? Don’t fear. Allergy & ENT Associates is home to some of the most compassionate allergy specialists in Houston. We want you to breathe without discomfort. We aim to help you achieve that goal, so give us a call. When you call, we can go over everything you need to know about fall and winter allergies.

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