3 Signs It’s Time To See a Snoring Specialist


October 19, 2021

Sinus Disease

3 Signs It’s Time To See a Snoring Specialist

People largely consider snoring to be a nighttime woe. But if it’s affecting your daytime activities, it’s time to seek help. Learn the three signs it’s time to see a snoring specialist and look out for them, whether they’re affecting you, a partner, or both.

You Frequently Wake Up

When was the last time you slept all the way through the night? If you wake up at frequent intervals throughout the night, your body could be trying to tell you something. Sleep apnea is a common affliction among heavy snorers. When you snore, the muscles around the soft tissue of your throat relax. That relaxation can block off your airways, and your body may wake you up so that you can breathe! If you suspect that sleep apnea is waking you up at night, visit a snoring clinic in Houston to seek a second opinion.

You Have Trouble Concentrating

A poor night’s sleep can throw a wrench into your day. If you toss and turn at night, your brain never reaches the REM stage of sleep, and you wake up feeling drowsy. Absentmindedness can have far-reaching effects on your waking life, from missing pieces of conversations to falling asleep behind the wheel of your car. Talk to a sleep specialist near you before your mind wanders too far. It could save your life.

You’ve Tried Everything Else

Alcohol use, weight gain, and nasal congestion are all common causes of snoring. But what if you’ve remedied everything you can? Sometimes, the root cause of a person’s snoring is harder to diagnose. If you’ve started making healthier lifestyle choices, such as exercising more often and cutting back on alcohol, but your snoring is still affecting your quality of life, tell your doctor. Irregularly shaped facial bones, swollen tonsils, or even the later stages of pregnancy can also cause snoring. A snoring clinic will have valuable insights and offer treatment options based on your unique condition.

When is it time to see a doctor about your snoring? If it’s become a regular part of your night, don’t feel like it must stay that way forever. Know the signs it’s time to see a snoring specialist. If nothing you’ve tried so far is working, call Allergy & ENT Associates. Our sleep specialists can get you on the path to better sleep and overall health.

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