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Allergy and ENT Associates, since inception in 1957, is ranked among the most trusted group practice in the Greater Houston Area, specializing in the treatment and management of asthma, allergies, sinus, and other ENT disorders. Committed to our promise of serving the community, we are a growing network of asthma and allergy specialists, and ENT surgeons, based in different parts of Texas. Our doctors have proven expertise in diagnosing and treating an array of issues, including but not limited to paranasal diseases, nasal structure anomalies, breathing problems, and chronic and acute sinuses.

Sinus Disease and Processes

Allergy and ENT Associates, with a growing network of sinus doctors, is a one-stop destination for all concerns related to sinusitis. Our sinus disease services include:

Balloon SinuplastyWide advised for chronic sinus infection treatment, this surgery uses a small, flexible, balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways.

Rhinoplasty – A cosmetic and complex reconstruction surgery prescribed for diverse reasons, rhinoplasty is meant to enhance the shape and function of the nose.

Revision Rhinoplasty – Also known as Secondary Rhinoplasty, this procedure is done to revise or improve on an earlier Rhinoplasty surgery.

Excision of Skull Base Tumors – A widely recommended sinus surgery, this process implies the removal of the nose intranasal tumors or masses.

Nasal Valve Reconstruction – Also known as Functional Rhinoplasty, this procedure helps correct the problem of nasal obstruction and typically involves nasal valve repair.

Septoplasty – This procedure involves a surgical process to correct a deviated nasal septum, including straightening and repositioning it in the middle of the nose.

Turbinate Reduction – Better known as Turbinoplasty or Turbinectomy, this procedure refers to a surgical process that decreases the overall size of the turbinates.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – Performed to treat sinus infection and inflammation, this process involves the insertion of the endoscope into the nose for a direct visual examination.
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All sinus specialists at Allergy and ENT Associates are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology – the highest level of training and recognition any physician can receive in the US. Moreover, they are Diplomats of the Board of Pediatrics or Internal Medicine. Our sinus doctors in Houston, along with our team of dedicated in-house support staff, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of sinus problems, no matter how grave.

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