4 Asthma Tips for National Asthma Month


May 31, 2019


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May is National Asthma Month, and more people than you probably think suffer from this condition. In fact, asthma affects more than 24 million people in the U.S., including more than 6 million children. This May, take advantage of National Asthma Month and learn a few asthma prevention tips that will get you breathing easy.

Know Your Triggers

Not everyone’s asthma impacts them the same way. For some, asthma and breathing issues can be constant and cause regular problems on a day-to-day basis. For others, symptoms are only set off under particular circumstances. Pay attention to what triggers your symptoms and adjust accordingly whenever possible.

Stay As Healthy As Possible

Giving your lungs the best conditions possible to work under can help minimize your asthma symptoms. This includes living a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating properly, but also avoiding common colds and illnesses. Wash your hands and limit your exposure to germs, viruses, and bacteria that could cause you to get sick. These asthma control tips will keep your lungs working as well as they can, even with asthma.

Use Your Inhaler Correctly

Some people’s asthma is serious enough to require the use of an inhaler, even if just as an emergency measure for an asthma attack. While it might seem fairly self-explanatory to use an inhaler, your asthma doctor can help you find techniques to get the most out of any medication you may be taking through an inhaler. Practice these techniques and consult with your doctor to ensure your inhaler is as effective as possible.

Talk To Your Doctor

While following these asthma prevention tips can help, the best way to manage your asthma is to get your doctor involved. Allergy and asthma clinics hire specialists that can help you manage your asthma. Talking to your local doctor or visiting allergy and asthma clinics can help you develop a plan to specifically address your symptoms and issues relating to asthma.

Asthma doesn’t have to be hard to manage, and you can follow these asthma tips to help keep yourself healthy this National Asthma Month. For more information or to visit an allergy and asthma clinic in Clear Lake, Kingwood, and many more Houston locations, contact Allergy and ENT Associates today.

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