4 Health Benefits of Turbinate Tissue Reduction


June 23, 2022


4 Health Benefits of Turbinate Tissue Reduction

Did you know your nose has built-in air filters? Your nose has three pairs of tissue structures called turbinates that help filter, add moisture, and warm up the air you breathe throughout the day. But what happens when your turbinates are not functioning properly?

Let’s look at the procedure, factors of irritation, and the health benefits of turbinate tissue reduction.

What Is a Turbinate Tissue Reduction?

Turbinate tissue reduction is an outpatient procedure where a surgeon decreases the size of the nasal turbinates to facilitate better airflow through the nasal passages.

People who suffer from chronic infections and severe allergies are great candidates for turbinate tissue reduction. If turbinates become swollen or displaced, they can cause blockages, making breathing difficult.

There are two types of methods for this procedure: cauterization and surgical removal.


Doctors may recommend this surgery because it shrinks the turbinates without removing bone or tissue. A surgeon uses a device that heats the turbinate, causing scar tissue to form while shrinking the size of the turbinate. This method uses takes about 10 minutes under local anesthesia.

Surgical Removal

Your doctor may recommend the removal of parts of the turbinate with surgery. Surgeons typically perform the procedure in an operating room under general anesthesia.

A surgeon will cut into the turbinates during this procedure to remove bone underneath them to reduce their size. Doctors usually reserve surgical removal for those with more severe cases of swollen turbinates.

Possible Causes of Turbinate Swelling

Several factors could contribute to swollen turbinate tissue. These factors include:

  • Smoking or being around heavy smoke
  • Changes in temperature, humidity, and season
  • Environmental allergies

Making small lifestyle changes can reduce irritation and symptoms for those who don’t have a severe case of turbinate inflammation.

Benefits of Turbinate Reduction

Getting a turbinate tissue reduction is beneficial for those who suffer from chronic infections and frequent sinus issues. Whether it’s the short recovery time or better quality of life, here are four health benefits of turbinate tissue reduction that play a prominent role in helping patients decide to get the procedure.

Better Sleep Cycle

Once performed, the turbinate reduction will clear your nasal passageway, allowing you to have better airflow and more comfortable sleep at night. Wanting to alleviate snoring and sleep apnea are common reasons for getting this procedure.

Less Frequent Headaches

When your turbinates are swollen, it can result in tension or pressure in your head, leading to frequent headaches. After the procedure, turbinates are no longer swollen so they won’t cause tension headaches.

Clears Your Sinuses

Another side effect of inflamed turbinates is that they cause congestion in your sinuses. Once you have the procedure, you’ll experience less nasal congestion, making it easier to breathe.

Reduces Your Chances of Sinusitis

If you suffer from frequent sinus infections, you may experience facial pain, nasal congestion, fever, and headaches. The procedure helps to reduce the chance of getting frequent infections.

Treating your sinus issues is essential, especially if it’s affecting your airflow and breathing. Allergy & ENT Associates can provide you with experts in nose and sinus conditions and has a wide variety of services and products available for your needs, including turbinate surgery.

Contact our sinus specialists in Houston if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment today! We will try our absolute best to ensure you’re led in the right direction.

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