4 Signs That Someone Is Going Into Anaphylactic Shock


April 18, 2023


4 Signs That Someone Is Going Into Anaphylactic Shock

Anaphylactic shock is a serious allergic reaction that can put someone in danger and potentially kill them. However, there are ways to treat it if you catch it early enough and have the means. Here’s a short list of some of the symptoms to help you identify the warning signs of anaphylactic shock.

Skin Reactions

One of the main signs of an allergic reaction, no matter the severity, is a skin reaction. Reddening skin, hives, and itching can all indicate an allergic reaction. If you notice reddening skin or other skin symptoms, you may be having an allergic reaction to something.

Racing Heart

When you start having a severe allergic reaction, your body will start panicking and reacting to the allergen. That’s why you may feel like your heart is racing as it tries to put your body in overdrive. Even without physical exertion, you may feel your heart speeding up in the event of an allergic reaction.

Clammy Skin

Just like with your racing heart, other parts of your body will start overreacting in the presence of an allergic trigger. A common effect of this is clammy skin, as your body starts producing sweat even if you’re not overheating. Clammy skin can also be a sign of another medical problem.

Difficulty Breathing

The most serious symptom and the biggest sign of anaphylactic shock you should keep an eye out for is breathing difficulties. Suddenly struggling to get enough air or taking fast and shallow breaths can indicate a closing airway. This can be lethal and very serious, so it needs immediate treatment.

Knowing the signs of anaphylactic shock can one day save your life or someone else’s as you can treat the allergic reaction with an EpiPen. However, your best bet is to know your allergens beforehand so you can avoid possible triggers. You can get help from allergy clinics in Houston or in your area. An allergist can run tests to identify triggers and help you deal with potential allergies. However, you should always talk to a medical professional to learn how you can deal with any health issues, including potential anaphylactic shock.

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