4 Types of Asthma and How They Differ From Each Other


December 6, 2021


4 Types of Asthma and How They Differ From Each Other

Asthma comes in many different forms and none of them are pleasant. When you seek asthma treatment near you, work with your asthma treatment specialist to determine where your symptoms came from. Knowing what type of asthma you have can guide you toward an effective treatment plan. Here are just four types of asthma and how they differ from each other.


Many people who have allergies, seasonal or otherwise, also struggle with asthmatic symptoms. Attacks can be triggered by exposure to allergens like ragweed or animal dander. If you do suffer from allergic asthma, an allergy specialist can help you devise a treatment plan and encourage you to avoid triggering environments.


On the other hand, some people with asthma don’t have allergies that trigger it. Non-allergic asthma can pop up later in life compared to other forms. In addition, some studies have suggested that non-allergic asthma attacks may be more severe than the allergic variety. Things like smoke and perfume may still trigger an attack, but the sufferer isn’t allergic to them.


Sometimes, when asthma appears later on in life, there’s a lifestyle factor involved. If your job exposes you to excessive animal dander, paint fumes, or sawdust, that substance could be your trigger. Occupational asthma and allergic asthma often go hand in hand, though the triggering substance isn’t always an allergen. Narrow down that trigger with an asthma treatment specialist so you can more easily avoid it in the workplace.


While the affliction is technically called “exercise-induced bronchoconstriction,” people often refer to it as exercise-induced asthma. Many asthma sufferers find their symptoms worsening during and after bouts of heavy exercise. Rapid breathing over a sustained period of time can dry out and constrict the bronchial tubes, making breathing more difficult for up to 15 minutes after you stop exercising.

If your wheezing is affecting your life, don’t wait for it to take over. Contact a nearby asthma specialist or treatment center to discuss your concerns! Learn about various types of asthma and how they differ from each other, and look forward to clearer breathing in the future.

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