4 Ways Snoring Can Take a Toll on Your Relationship


August 19, 2022


4 Ways Snoring Can Take a Toll on Your Relationship

After a long day of work, most people are ready to sink into bed, watch a movie, and get a night of rest to prepare for the next day. As you’re drifting off to sleep, imagine your partner snoring right next to your ear for the rest of the night. You will not feel well-rested in the morning.

We know snoring negatively affects someone’s health, mood, and sleep, but it can also harm their relationship. When snorers share a bed with someone else, they also share the constant loud noises with their partner. Your loving relationship can become filled with arguing and moodiness if the snores are loud enough. Here are four ways snoring can take a toll on your relationship.

Snoring Can Cause Deep Resentments

According to The Mayo Clinic, if you snore, your spouse can lose about an hour of sleep per night from secondhand snoring. When you don’t get a full night’s rest, it can result in depression, burnout, tiredness, irritability, and difficulty staying productive throughout the day. This could lead to deep resentment against your partner and raise tension in your relationship. You may feel it’s their fault because you can’t get a restful eight hours of sleep.

Snoring Can Affect Your Partner’s Sleep

If you fall asleep before your partner and snore, you’re most likely keeping your partner up all night. Snoring can negatively affect your partner’s sleep. Your snoring can wake them up and prevent them from falling asleep again or prevent them from falling asleep at all. As stated before, lack of sleep can cause your partner to not be as productive during the workday, cause irritability, and other health and wellness problems.

There’s a Link a Between Snoring and Arguing

According to a study done by Rush University Medical Center, couples with snoring issues argued more than their non-snoring peers. The study also showed that couples with snoring issues had a higher divorce rate. When you lack sleep due to snoring, it creates tension and leads to hostile communication—putting a strain on your relationship and causing arguments.

Separate Bedrooms Can Affect Your Relationship

A famous saying goes, “separate bedrooms equal separate lives,” and when the snoring issue becomes so bad you have to switch rooms, you’ve entered “sleep divorce.” Although sleeping in separate rooms is a personal choice, you should address the snoring issue before moving your things into the guest room.

Next time your partner comments on your snoring, don’t get defensive. Instead, hear them out and try to find solutions to help you and your partner get adequate sleep. Snoring is extremely common; sometimes, people don’t know it’s a problem until someone points it out. If you have snoring issues, visit our snoring doctor in Houston to find better solutions to curb your snores and get to the root of the problem. Don’t let snoring take a toll on your relationship. Your partner will thank you!

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