Asthma Symptoms in Children

There are many health issues your child may face, one of which is asthma. Allergies and asthma are similar, but there are certain symptoms that can point toward asthma. Asthma is thought to develop in children if they already have allergies, airway infections, exposure to air pollution, or their parents have it. Understand the different asthma symptoms in children ahead with this handy guide.

Frequent Coughing

The first sign that your child is suffering from asthma is if they are frequently coughing. If they have asthma, then the coughing will only get worse if they get sick, while they are sleeping, during exercise, or when they are out in cold weather.

Breathing Issues

Your child may also be suffering from several breathing issues as a result of having asthma. Some signs to look out for include whistling or wheezing when breathing or shortness of breath. It may also be difficult for your child to play or get exercise because of breathing issues.

Difficulty Sleeping

Another common asthma symptom in children is having sleeping issues. There are numerous reasons why your child may have issues sleeping. Asthma can be one of them if they are having trouble due to shortness of breath, coughing, or wheezing.

Chest Pain

One indicative sign that your child might have asthma is if they are experiencing chest pain. Your child may come to you saying their chest isn’t feeling right; this may mean have chest congestion or tightness. If this does happen, consider the reality that they may have asthma.

Seek medical attention if you believe your child has asthma. Various types of treatments can help your child live with asthma, which is why you want to get it looked at, so you know how to properly move forward. Visit our ENT in Pearland if you have concerns about your child regarding any health issues related to the ears, nose, or throat.

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