Can Balloon Sinuplasty Help Reduce Chronic Headaches?


August 5, 2022


Can Balloon Sinuplasty Help Reduce Chronic Headaches?

Unfortunately, over three million people in the country understand the pain of frequent sinus headaches. If you have sinusitis, you know the feeling all too well. The pain can distract you from work or your daily responsibilities, which can be very inconvenient. You may feel pain around your eyes and increased pressure around your nose, ears, and jaw.

Luckily, Allergy & ENT Associates have the solution to your problem. Balloon sinuplasty can reduce chronic headaches, open your sinus airways, and remove blockages for better drainage.

The Reason for Your Sinus Headaches

Your sinus headaches happen because your sinuses aren’t draining properly due to blockage. Debris, mucus, and pus can get trapped in your sinuses and build over time, increasing pressure. Until your sinuses can drain properly, you will feel these excruciating headaches. Although you can take antibiotics or allergy medicines to help clear the blockage and get quick relief, the pressure will build up again.

How Balloon Sinus Surgery Works

Balloon sinuplasty is performed in our ENT office under a local anesthetic. A small balloon is inserted through the nasal passage into the sinus. The balloon is inflated and opens the sinus passage to allow better airflow. While the sinus passage is dilated, your ENT will flush the debris and mucus collected in the sinus. The balloon is removed, and the sinus passage stays open, eliminating your chronic headaches.

Why You Should Consider Balloon Sinus Surgery

“Can balloon sinuplasty reduce my chronic headaches?” Yes, this procedure can permanently restore sinus passages. Say goodbye to long days and nights of agonizing pain with balloon sinuplasty. If you have sinus headaches over and over, it’s time to talk to an ENT and consider getting this procedure.

Allergy & ENT Associates wants you to live your best life! Balloon sinus dilation is one of the best treatments to treat severe sinus problems. We also provide other sinus treatments to help curb your blockages or sinus pressure headaches. Make an appointment with us today to get your personalized treatment.

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