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Grass Pollens Begin Second Phase of Allergy Season Once the tree pollens have kicked off the spring allergy season, it’s time for phase two of nature’s three-step pollination cycle to spring into high gear. The allergen waiting in the wings? Grass pollen, the primary cause of spring and summer hay fever attacks, or seasonal allergic […]

Foods to Avoid If You Have Hay Fever

Ragweed allergies make millions of Americans miserable each fall by triggering itchy eyes and stuffy noses. They can also cause oral allergy syndrome – mild allergies to certain raw foods. Here are some foods ragweed allergy sufferers should cut out of their diet this autumn. Foods to Avoid If You Have Hay Fever from Allergy […]

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Tips for Reducing Spring Allergies for Gardeners

Tips for Reducing Spring Allergies for Gardeners from Allergy & ENT Associates Spring is a beloved season for those lucky enough to have a green thumb, but for the millions who suffer from seasonal allergies, springtime can also be downright debilitating. Symptoms ranging from sneezing and watery eyes to fatigue and runny nose can often […]

hay fever

What Puts the “Hay” in Hay Fever?

It may happen during a particular season, or it may be a year-long struggle. If your allergy-like symptoms are driving you batty and you can’t seem to escape them, there may be something else at play. Rhinitis, or “hay fever,” as it’s often called, could be wreaking havoc on your body without you even knowing […]

allergy patch test

Allergy Patch Testing – Do You Need It?

Have you ever put on bacitracin, only to have the injured area get more swollen and irritated? Or maybe you’ve put in your favorite pair of earrings, only to have your earlobes swell up around the posts a few hours later. As it turns out, any number of seemingly harmless items may cause an allergic reaction, as […]

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Do You Have a Cold or Allergies?

Some people dread winter, not because of the chilly weather and the minimal daylight, but because everyone seems to be sick. Many common illnesses rear their ugly heads during the colder months, and it feels like hardly anyone is left unscathed. The common cold is one such culprit. Research suggests that the average healthy adult […]

Managing Allergies at School

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 and is filed under Blog by AENT Associates Protecting Your Son or Daughter with Food Allergies During the School Year For parents of children with food allergies, the beginning of a school year can be filled with anxiety. When you’re with your child you can ensure […]

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Dealing with Mold and Mold Allergies After Hurricane Harvey

This entry was posted on Monday, October 16th, 2017 and is filed under Blog by AENT Associates At Allergy & ENT Associates we advocate avoidance of the “Three Ds” of mold: darkness, dampness and drafts. Unfortunately the recent flooding and damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey have created a perfect storm where the three Ds are […]

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