Common Misconceptions About Sinus Infections


November 9, 2021


Common Misconceptions About Sinus Infections

If you have chronic sinus concerns, you might be fed up with the symptoms—but luckily, Allergy & ENT Associates can demystify those symptoms for you. Get familiar with these common misconceptions about sinus infections and walk into your next doctor’s appointment equipped with some basic knowledge.

“Sinus infections are contagious!”

Sinusitis in itself is not contagious. The common cold is, though, and getting sick with a cold can lead to sinus infections. But if your sinus woes have been plaguing you for months without letting up, you don’t need to worry about passing them on to others in your household.

“You need antibiotics for sinus infections.”

Sometimes you do! But the treatment for your infection depends largely on its cause. If the common cold virus caused your sinus infection, antibiotics won’t help you—they’re prescribed for bacterial infections. Make an appointment with our sinus doctors in Houston to discuss your symptoms and to pinpoint a treatment that works.

“I’ll be fine with just a nasal spray.”

Nasal sprays and decongestants are short-term symptom relievers, not actual treatments. Use nasal spray between doctor’s appointments with a careful touch. If you rely too much on nasal spray to provide relief, your body can become dependent on it. You could get some nasty rebound congestion if and when you stop using the spray.

“It’ll eventually go away, right?”

If you’ve had this sinus infection for more than three months, then no, it probably won’t go away on its own. Allergies or asthmatic reactions cause some sinus infections; those go away when the allergy or asthma trigger is gone. But any sinus infection, no matter the cause, deserves prompt medical treatment. Nasal polyps, for example, won’t go away on their own, and they can make breathing difficult down the line. Don’t wait for your infection to disappear on its own.

If you’ve been plagued with a sinus infection and you’re waiting for it to disappear, make an appointment with Allergy & ENT Associates. Our compassionate and knowledgeable sinus doctors in Houston will get to the root cause of your sinus infection and work with you on an effective treatment plan. Rid your mind of these common misconceptions about sinus infections, and be proactive about breathing well.

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