Do You Have Chronic Sinusitis?


March 25, 2014


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If you can’t seem to recover from your cold, you are experiencing stuffiness with facial fullness, pressure or pain, and you find breathing through your nose to be a challenge, you may be experiencing sinusitis. If this condition goes on for weeks, months, or if you have been experiencing these symptoms for years, then your condition might be “chronic sinusitis”. Many patients who experience these kinds of symptoms may think there are no good solutions to their problems. Sometimes they have tried every medication available over the counter and have visited many doctors over many months or years with no real relief.

The standard course of antibiotics is generally not effective in treating this kind of problem, especially if it has been going on for a long while, which means that a specialist such as a Woodlands ENT needs to examine you and determine whether or not you are actually experiencing chronic sinusitis.

The process of accurately diagnosing chronic sinusitis can be a challenge, which is why it is important to work with a doctor who specializes in these kinds of issues. Chronic sinusitis is commonly mistaken as being an allergy problem, especially when symptoms seem to go away for a while, only to come back in full force after treatment is over.

When you are searching for an ENT in The Woodlands, remember that specialized CT scanning machines are recommended in the diagnosis of chronic sinusitis. This is the only method that can unequivocally determine whether or not a patient is actually suffering from this problem. In most cases, doctors will receive the results of this scan and be able to diagnose the problem, if it exists, on the same day that the scan is carried out.

That can be a big relief for individuals, especially those who have lived for a long period of time with chronic sinusitis. Once a diagnosis is made, the individual’s doctor can work with them to develop a treatment plan to help manage and, eventually, clear up the problem permanently.

And believe it or not, once a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis has been made, clearing up the issue can be a lot easier than one would think. This is because unlike other sinus issues that individuals might face, chronic sinusitis is considered to be an issue of inflammation – this is the primary reason that other methods used to treat the sinus blockage in the past may have failed.

Any individual who has been living for a prolonged period of time with stuffy, blocked sinuses, sinus pain, or difficulty breathing should make an appointment with a professional ENT in the Woodlands who can determine the root cause of the issue.

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