How High Temperatures Affect Your Seasonal Allergies


June 12, 2024

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Summer is preheating and those temperatures alone can feel oppressive. Did you know that those scorching days can actually make your seasonal allergies worse? At Allergy & ENT Associates, we’ve seen how the Texas heat can turn a simple sneeze into a full-blown allergy attack.

The Heat is On: Why Allergies Spike in Hot Weather

When the thermometer starts climbing, our allergies can become aggravated. Here’s why:

1. Longer Pollen Seasons: Hotter temperatures mean longer growing seasons for plants. More growth means more pollen in the air.

2. Higher Pollen Counts: Not only do plants produce more pollen in the heat, but they can also produce more potent pollen.

3. Increased Mold Growth: High temperatures paired with humidity can create an optimal breeding ground for mold. Mold spores can float through the air, causing allergic reactions.

4. Air Quality Issues: Hot weather often leads to poor air quality. Pollutants in the air can mix with pollen, making it even more irritating to your respiratory system.

How to Keep Summer Allergies at Bay

1. Stay Indoors During Peak Pollen Hours: Pollen levels are usually highest in the morning and early evening. Try to stay inside during these times, especially on hot, windy days.

2. Use Air Conditioning: Keep your windows closed and use air conditioning to filter out pollen and cool your home. Make sure to change the filters regularly!

3. Shower After Being Outside: Pollen can stick to your skin and hair. A quick rinse when you come home washes away the allergens.

4. Wear Sunglasses and Hats: Protect your eyes and hair from pollen by wearing sunglasses and a hat when you’re outside.

5. Monitor Pollen Counts: Check your favorite weather apps for a daily pollen count. Plan your outdoor activities accordingly.

Time for Some Professional Help?

If you’re finding that your allergies are getting out of control despite your best efforts, it may be time to seek professional help. At Allergy & ENT Associates we specialize in custom treatments to fit your individual needs.

Our personalized treatment plans include anything from prescription medications to allergy shots or allergy drops. Our goal is to help you enjoy the beautiful Texas weather without being bogged down by allergies.

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