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Maybe you didn’t realize that you needed an audiologist until very recently. Finding a new doctor, particularly a specialist, can be daunting, but your aural health will thank you in the long run. Keep your eyes—and ears—open during your search and use this advice on how to find a professional audiologist near you.

Enlist ASHA’s Help

ASHA is the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Doctors certified by this organization have specialized knowledge beyond what they learned at medical school. Visit their website to narrow your search for a certified audiologist nearest you; your state’s health department will also be of great value.

Ask Around

Do you have any friends nearby who use hearing aids? Ask them who their audiologist is. A personal recommendation means more than a stranger’s online review. Inquire about their personal experience, too—maybe they had a negative interaction with one practice and switched to another one. Gather all the information you can before you make a decision, even if this means interviewing multiple doctors.

Utilize University Medical Centers

Hospitals that train audiologists and other ENT doctors will have a wide network of alumni and can direct you to the professional audiology practices nearest you. The university may even have its own training clinic that can act as a valuable resource.

Search Smart

The Internet is the go-to place for easy searches, but it’s not quite as easy as typing in “audiologist” and hitting Go. Try searching more specific phrases such as “audiologist near me” or “audiologist [your city here]” and make note of highly-rated practices. Allergy & ENT Associates, for example, is the premier practice for allergy, asthma, and ENT treatment in the Houston, TX, area.

Finding a top-notch audiologist near you can be as hassle-free as asking a friend (or a search engine) for recommendations. Vet your options by ensuring they are certified specialists and interview multiple doctors if you have to. Now that you’ve learned how to find a professional audiologist, you are one step closer to better health.

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