sinus pressure painWhen sinus pressure makes your head feel like it’s about to explode, don’t let it take over your life! Try these at-home remedies as you make plans to visit a sinus doctor in Houston. Allergy & ENT Associates wants you to live a pain-free life; follow these tips on how to relieve sinus pressure.

Steam Treatment

Step into a hot shower or bath and let the steam work for you. The heat alleviates some of the pain, while the moisture of the steam helps lubricate your sinuses. As you breathe in the steam, the mucus in your passageways will thin out and drain more properly, relieving that painful pressure.

Relaxation Techniques

The mind and the body work together in mysterious ways. Take 15 minutes out of your day and practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Guided meditations can help you identify tense spots and focus on relaxing them. A sinus headache can put you in a bad mood, and a scowl on your face can make the pain worse. Relax your face completely and focus on your breathing to help that pressure melt away.

Spicy Snacks

An extra dash of hot sauce can help thin out the mucus stuck in your sinuses. Add a little more spice to your diet, whether through peppers, ginger, wasabi, or horseradish. Capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their kick, is particularly effective at easing sinus pain and reducing inflammation.

OTC Solutions

As you wait for your appointment with a sinus doctor in Houston, some over-the-counter pain relievers and sprays can help relieve the pressure. If your allergies triggered the sinus pressure, you may have some luck with a decongestant or antihistamine. OTC pain medications like acetaminophen and naproxen can also provide temporary relief in between appointments with your sinus specialist.

When sinus pressure simply won’t go away, contact a sinus doctor near you to start on your road to recovery. In the meantime, take care of yourself with a couple of at-home pointers. Allergy & ENT Associates will instruct you on how to relieve sinus pressure, whether through natural remedies or prescription solutions. Don’t let that sinus pressure get you down; call us today for a consultation.

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