It’s Pollen Season: 4 Things You Can Do to Find Relief


April 15, 2019


Allergy Relief | Kingwood ,TXIt’s the height of tree pollen allergies which means that if you feel like you’re practically drowning in your symptoms, you are certainly not alone. Trees are the earliest pollen producers which means that they get to kick off the allergy season by practically torturing your sinuses, nose, and throats. Here in the Houston area, many people think that their allergies are caused by the yellow pollen that you tend to see during this time of year, but you might be surprised to learn that it actually isn’t very allergenic. In fact, small trees with pollen that you can’t see are the worst offenders. Shocking, right? To help you ditch your allergies this spring, we have a list of a few tips for you to use.

Keep Windows Closed

Keeping your windows open during this time of year— especially in and around Houston— may sound like the best way to welcome spring into your home, but it’s actually the best way to invite allergens into your home. Try to keep your windows closed at home to prevent any airborne pollens from seeping in and taunting your sinuses.

Limit Outdoor Time

Being cooped up inside for not only winter, but spring as well, can feel like a real form of torture. For our allergy sufferers we encourage them to avoid being outside during 5am and 10 am, or on rainy, cloudly, and windless days when pollen is especially high.

Avoid Gardening

Mowing your lawn and raking old leaves from the fall will only stir up pollen and make your life miserable. While allergies are especially high during this time of year, either consider hiring someone to do this portion of the job for you, or consider

Keep Your Windows Rolled Up

In addition to keeping your windows at your house closed tightly shut, make sure that you keep your car windows rolled up as well. All of that pollen that’s circulating through the air can come in through your windows and stir up all of your allergies.

Rather than sneezing on yet another coworker because the pine, mulberry, and willow is at its peak, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and schedule an appointment with us at our office and call us at [vanityphone].

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