Signs You Should See an ENT Specialist


January 3, 2020


Signs You Should See an ENT Specialist

Many issues that occur in your ears, nose, and throat can be hard to determine if they’re more than they seem. In addition, there are times when a medical issue may become serious and require a professional for treatment. We explain some common signs you should see an ENT specialist so that you can get the proper treatment.

Hearing Loss

The first sign you should see an ENT specialist relates to your ears. If you experience sudden hearing loss longer than a week, you should visit an ENT doctor. Muffled sounds, constantly increasing the volume, and trouble understanding what people say are all signs of hearing loss. Hearing loss can occur for various reasons, but there may be permanent damage. You shouldn’t hesitate to see a specialist who can professionally treat the issue.

Frequent Nasal Congestion

A common issue you may find in your nose is nasal congestion. If you constantly suffer from a stuffy nose, this means there isn’t any air going in and out of the nose. It’s important to see an ENT doctor if a stuffy nose recurs because it can lead to serious issues such as the flu or a deviated septum.

Sinus Pressure

Another ENT issue also that has to do with congestion is sinus pressure. Sinusitis means a blockage inflamed the sinuses, and it causes congestion in your ears, eyes, nose, and forehead. A common cause of sinuses is allergies, however, pain in the face, teeth, or upper ear may point to a more serious issue, which is why you need to have it looked at.

Recurring Throat Issues

A final sign that points to an ENT issue is if you have pain in your throat. This causes of a sore throat can come from anything such as a cold, the flu, or a bacterial infection. Seek the attention of a local Montgomery ENT doctor when a sore throat lasts longer than a couple days. You should also see an ENT doctor if you start losing your voice or have increased hoarseness.

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