Hearing Aid Devices Houston, TXIf asking “What?” has become the number one thing you say when you’re trying to communicate with the ones that you love the most, then it may be time to have your hearing checked. Here at Allergy and ENT Associates, our audiology department offers a multidisciplinary approach to hearing loss including hearing aids. If you suspect that you may need hearing aids and are sick of saying “What?” then we may recommend a hearing aid evaluation as the first step. But, what is a hearing aid evaluation and what do you need to know? Let’s delve a little bit deeper to give you a better understanding.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

During your hearing aid evaluation, we will start out by reviewing your general health history and go over how long you’ve been experiencing hearing loss, how it started, and if you have tinnitus (ringing in your ears). From there, we will then perform the hearing aid evaluation test to see if you suffer from permanent hearing loss or if it is something else. During your hearing loss test, we will have you wear some headphones, and we will play a wide range of sounds at different pitches and have you tell us which sounds that you hear; this will help us get a better idea of what kind of hearing problems you may be suffering from.

What If I Need Hearing Aids?

If your hearing test reveals that you do have permanent hearing loss, then we may recommend a hearing aid for one or both of your ears. From there, we will have you try on different styles, sizes, and types of hearing aids to see which one best fits you and your lifestyle. After you have made your decision, we will make impressions of your ears to send to the hearing aid manufacturer so that your hearing aids will be customized to you.

If you suffer from hearing loss, don’t wait another minute to finally be able to hear your loved ones again. To learn more about hearing aids and to schedule your hearing aid evaluation, contact our Clear Lake office and call us at (713) MY-SINUS.

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