The Best Cleaning Products for Allergy Sufferers To Use

Allergies can be a year-round inconvenience for some, which disturbs their daily lives. A day filled with congestion, nose-blowing, and sinus headaches is no fun. But what if we told you that your home could be why you’re experiencing allergy symptoms more frequently? To help keep your house dust and pollen free, here are some of the best cleaning products for allergy sufferers to use.

Unscented All-Purpose Cleaner

Anything with a strong scent should be avoided when cleaning your home to avoid triggering allergies. It would help if you created a mixture of vinegar, hot water, and soap to work as an all-purpose cleaner. Your house may smell like vinegar for a couple of minutes, but your home will be squeaky clean!

Air Purifier with a HEPA Filter

Best for someone with a pet or dust allergy, an air purifier with a HEPA filter is an essential cleaning product for allergy sufferers to use. These small devices are excellent for trapping outdoor allergens, dust, smoke, pet hair, and strong odors to prevent them from triggering your allergy symptoms. You can also find an air purifier that looks sleek and cohesive with your interior design.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

You should clean your home about twice a week if you suffer from dust allergies. Use a damp microfiber cleaning cloth and cleanse the dust around your house to keep the allergy symptoms to a minimum. While dusting, we recommend that you wear long clothing, gloves, and a mask so that dust won’t irritate your skin or sinuses.

Anti-allergen Spray

Outdoor allergens can enter your home easily through open windows and doors, or someone can bring pollen from their shoes, clothes, or bags. To help keep the allergens outside, keep your windows and doors closed and ensure they’re properly sealed. Use an anti-allergen spray to help offset any outdoor allergens that may get stuck to clothing or carpet.

Keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum by using these allergy cleaning products to help combat allergy triggers. If you use these cleaning products and treatments to help manage your allergies, you should seek an ENT to provide you with the appropriate treatment for your allergies. Contact us at (713) 597-4426 to schedule an appointment with our ENTs.

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