The Best Snoring Solutions & Treatments for Healthy Sleep


July 7, 2022


The Best Snoring Solutions & Treatments for Healthy Sleep

Snoring can be embarrassing and loud and make you the unfortunate brunt of jokes. However, snoring isn’t uncommon. According to a study by James A Rowley, MD, over 44% of men and 28% of women snore regularly.

Snoring is caused by air passing through a blocked airway, causing the tissues at the top of the airway to touch each other and vibrate. For some people, snoring is more than being loud and keeping their partner up at night. Snoring can indicate an underlying health problem that hasn’t been addressed.

However, trying various treatments and tips can help you reduce your snoring and give you and your partner a good night’s rest. Use these top snoring solutions and treatments for healthy sleep and determine if you need to see an ENT about your snoring.

Try Sleeping On Your Side

You might be snoring because of the position you sleep in. People who sleep on their backs are likelier to snore than those who sleep on their sides.

Sleeping on your back increases your chances of snoring due to the position of your head. If you tend to sleep on your back and snore at night, try placing pillows around you to keep your head and body in a side position.

Cut Back on or Quit Smoking

We know quitting smoking can be an uphill battle, but smoking could be why you snore at night. Smoking cigarettes has been associated with increased snoring, and by decreasing your smoking habit or quitting, you can reduce your chances of snoring.

Wear a Nasal Dilator or Strip

You may be snoring because of a blockage in your airway. Using a nasal strip or dilator will help open those airways to improve your airflow and reduce snoring. Wearing a nasal strip is one of the most effective snoring treatments for healthy sleep. Nasal dilators help reduce snoring by opening the nasal passages outward. Internal and external nasal dilators are available at most local drug stores.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol Before Bed

Excessive drinking before bed can increase your chances of sleep apnea and snoring, and having a disrupted sleeping schedule can result in health problems in the future. Having a healthy sleep schedule is essential to staying healthy and productive. Alcohol’s effects on sleep and snoring are about the same, so you should reduce drinking before bed.

If you snore, use these snoring solutions and treatments for a night of healthy sleep. However, if you’ve tried these treatments and they’re not working, you should contact Allergy and ENT Associates for snoring remedies in Houston to see if there’s an underlying issue.

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