Tips for Keeping Cool and Your Allergy Symptoms at Bay


June 21, 2024

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Managing the heat of Texas summers and your allergy symptoms is no small feat. At Allergy & ENT Associates we understand how the climbing temperatures can make your symptoms even worse. Here are some tips to help you tackle the Texas heat, and the allergies that come with it.

1. Stay Indoors During Peak Pollen Times
Pollen counts are usually highest in the morning and early evening. Stay inside during these times to reduce your exposure to allergens.

2. Shower After Outdoor Activities
Pollen can stick to your skin, hair and clothes. After spending time outside, take a quick shower. This will help prevent pollen from spreading around your home.

3. Wear Sunglasses and Hats
Protect your eyes and hair from pollen by wearing sunglasses and a hat when you’re outside. This simple trick can significantly reduce the amount of pollen that gets into your eyes and onto your skin.

4. Monitor Pollen Counts
Stay informed by checking your favorite weather app. Plan your outdoor activities for when pollen counts are lower in order to minimize your exposure.

5. Use a Dehumidifier
Mold thrives in humid conditions. Using a dehumidifier can help keep the air in your home dry, reducing the likelihood of mold growth and the spread of mold spores. Bonus … this helps with dust mites, too!

6. Wash Bedding Frequently
Pollen can settle on your bedding, so wash sheets, pillowcases, and blankets regularly in hot water to remove allergens.

7. Consult an Allergy Specialist
Follow these tips for a cooler summer! But if you need a little extra help, book a consultation with Allergy & ENT Associates today! We’ll develop a custom treatment plan that fits your needs.

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