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May 2, 2017


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Sinus infections are common in spring and early summer when pollen and other allergens can agitate the nose, causing sinus infections like sinusitis. Different types of sinusitis exist and typically start with cold-like symptoms such as facial pain around the nose, which also may be runny or stuffy. General sinusitis lasts two to four weeks, while chronic symptoms can last 12 weeks or longer.

Millions of people suffer from some sort of sinus infection. While nose infections are a reality of living in a dusty, pollen-filled world, there are steps you can take to prevent sinus infections from occurring.

Protecting Yourself from Sinus Infections

It’s difficult to protect yourself from exposure to irritants, as every time you step outside you’re exposing yourself to dust, pollen, and other allergens. However, you can control your environment at home to help create relief and undo the effects of breathing in allergens outside. You can minimize symptoms by ensuring the air within your home is cold, or dry at room temperature. Creating a perfect level of humidity in your home can open nasal passages, which is also necessary to avoid accelerating mold growth – another risk to your health.

Sinusitis is also caused by high-stress lifestyles, poor diet, and exposure to toxic chemicals (smoking). Maintaining a robust immune system and an inhospitable environment for fungi, mold, and allergens is key to preventing sinusitis. Also, try to follow these tips:

  • Avoid grains and sugars
  • Avoid eating mycotoxic foods
  • Get at least eight hours of sleep a night
  • Exercise regularly, preferably indoors at a gym or at home to avoid exposure to allergens
  • Optimize vitamin D levels by taking an oral vitamin D3 supplement
  • Take krill oil or other high-quality, animal-based omega-3 supplements

It’s important to distinguish whether your sinusitis was caused by allergens or a viral infection. Antibiotics for allergen-caused sinusitis is dangerous as it can cause chronic yeast infections or impair your immune system. General sinusitis is typically caused by exposure to allergens, fungi, and mold.

Prevent Sinusitis with Treatment from Allergy & ENT Associates

Prevent sinusitis from occurring with Allergy & ENT Associates’ consortium of allergy centers in the greater Houston, Texas area. We provide specialized care for the diagnosis and management of all types of allergies and hypersensitivities affecting the lungs, skin, ears, nose, throat and stomach. Driven by a team of highly experienced doctors and support staff, we are the largest specialty allergy, asthma and immunology group practice in Texas.

Allergy & ENT Associates offers a comprehensive spectrum of services and procedures to facilitate accurate diagnosis. We match therapies to the specific profile of a patient and, based on the findings, prescribe allergy shots, medications, drops, rush immunotherapy and other procedures. Our physicians also discuss prevention tips with patients to reduce the course of treatment and improve the treatment’s response.

All specialists of Allergy & ENT Associates are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) – the highest level of training and recognition an allergy physician can receive in the U.S. – and are also Diplomats of the Board of Pediatrics or Internal Medicine.

Contact Allergy & ENT Associates today to schedule a consultation.

This entry was posted in Sinus on May 2, 2017 by AENT Team.

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