What to Do About Summer Allergies


May 7, 2020


What to Do About Summer Allergies

Summertime is all about being outside and enjoying the nice weather. Whether that’s grilling, camping, or going swimming. With that said, there is a chance that being outside is not as much of an enjoyable experience for you as it might be for others. On some days, you might be suffering from a headache or a runny nose, and allergies are most likely the cause of these symptoms. Learn what to do about summer allergies so you can enjoy your time outside.

Keep Your Windows Closed

It’s a great feeling when the weather starts to get nicer and is always refreshing to get a breath of fresh air, especially with the current lockdown situation due to the coronavirus. However, try to refrain from opening your windows because it can be bad for your allergies. When you leave your windows open, you are essentially inviting the allergens into your home. If you are trying to keep your home cool in the summer, a much better option would be to invest in a fan or an air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, the risk is too high when you leave windows open, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay comfortable during the season.

Wash Your Clothes

Speaking of going outside, you need to regularly wash your clothes after you go outside in them because they could be covered in allergens. This also means that you should try your best to not wear your outside clothes inside. Instead, you should change into something else because you run the risk of getting allergens all over your home by not changing your clothes at all.

Wash Bedding

In addition to washing your clothes, you should also make sure that you are washing your bedding as well. There’s no telling how many allergens could be lying in your bed. The best way to prevent any issues is to regularly keep your bed clean from allergens.

Take A Shower or Bath

The best way to prevent the spread of allergens in your home is to take a shower or bath after you’ve been outside. When we spend time outside, we can get pollen and other allergens all over ourselves; however, cleaning ourselves and putting on a new pair of clothes can ensure that allergens don’t get all over your home by accident.

Grow Facial Hair

Believe it or not, facial hair can also help you fight against allergies. This is because beards can actually act as a filter for allergens; however, it’s crucial that you are keeping it clean so you can get rid of any bacteria that may become trapped in it. So, consider growing a beard (if you can), but just make sure you keep up with regular maintenance.

Change Your Air Filter

Another thing you should be doing around your home is keeping an eye on your air filter. It is your responsibility to change out your air filter every few months or so because part of its job is to filter out the allergens that are trying to get into your air. A way to check an air filter is to see if any light passes through it. If there isn’t any light passing through your air filter, then it’s time to get a new one.

Watch Allergy Levels

Another excellent way you can prepare for allergy season is to be on the lookout for allergy levels. Thanks to technology, we now have a better idea of when our allergies might be bad. A variety of weather apps on our smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices, or a simple search online, can reveal the allergy levels in your area on that particular day. This can allow you to plan accordingly. For example, if you normally run outside, checking the allergy levels can save you from a headache or other allergy symptoms.

Regularly Clean Your Home

Now is the time to pick up good habits, such as cleaning your home regularly. Dust can also be very harmful to your allergies, and having it all over your home can be a problem. Dusting and vacuuming are both effective options to keep your home allergy-free this summer.

Take Medication

Perhaps the best thing to do when it comes to summer allergies is to take some form of medication. Be sure to consult with an allergist to find the right allergy medication for you, as there are a lot of options to choose from.

  • Nasal Sprays: One option you have is to use a nasal spray. For this medication, all you need to do is shoot the fluticasone up your nostrils to relieve your allergy symptoms. Some common brands for nasal sprays include Flonase, Ticanase, and ArmonAir RespiClick. Some nasal sprays you can get over the counter while others may require a medical prescription.
  • Antihistamines: Another type of allergy medication you can take is an antihistamine, which is essentially a pill. Some notable brands for antihistamine include Zyrtec, Allegra, and Claritin.
  • Allergy Shots: If your allergies are bad, you also have the option to get shots, so you can gradually reduce your symptoms over time.
  • Allergy Drops: If you are not a big fan of shots, then you could get allergy drops instead. Allergy drops are relatively new to the United States, but it’s a great alternative for children who have a tough time taking shots.

See an ENT

It’s never a bad idea to speak with an ENT specialist before the season begins either—especially if you are someone who doesn’t normally suffer from allergies but starts to notice symptoms as the weather changes. An ENT can guide you in the right direction as far as finding out what kind of allergies you have and the type of treatment you need.

Being outside on a nice summer day should not leave you suffering. All you need to do is take some extra precautions and pay a visit to a Woodlands ENT. This is the best way to figure out what to do about summer allergies for either yourself or your children.

Summer Allergies

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