When Should You Be Concerned About a Sore Throat?


April 30, 2020


When Should You Be Concerned About a Sore Throat?

Given the spread of the novel coronavirus, many people have been paying extra attention to their personal health. One of the symptoms of the coronavirus is a sore throat, but it’s important to know that throat pain has several other causes. One of the biggest concerns with the coronavirus is that it can overflow hospitals, so it’s important that you’re certain before you seek medical attention. We all know the pain of a sore throat, so when should you be concerned about a sore throat? Find out ahead.

Sore Throat Causes

As we mentioned, a sore throat isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm because any number of things can cause it. Some common causes of a sore throat include:

  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Allergies
  • Strep throat
  • Tonsillitis
  • Smoking

It’s important that you monitor the situation and take your temperature to see if your sore throat may be something more serious.

Home Treatments

If you’re suffering from a sore throat, you can do several treatments at home to reduce the pain. Some great forms of treatment are gargling warm saltwater, drinking warm fluids such as tea or soup, or taking some cough drops.

When Should You Be Concerned About a Sore Throat?

A sore throat usually goes away in a few days or so, but if it lasts longer than two days and you have a high temperature, then you should seek medical attention—something larger might be at play. Depending on the severity of the sore throat, there’s a chance you may need a surgery performed, such as a tonsil removal.

ENT Care

You may need to go see an ENT doctor who specializes in the throat so that they can have a proper look at it and assess it. If you’re in need of a Montgomery ENT clinic, consider Allergy & ENT Associates. Also be aware of the current circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic—refer to Allergy & ENT Associates’ modified hours and fever policy, and practice social distancing.

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