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The Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

The Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is a popular facial plastic surgery that is also commonly known as a “nose job.” A rhinoplasty can increase or decrease the size of a nose, change the tip or bridge of the nose, or adjust the shape of the nose or nostrils. While many think plastic surgeries just change one’s appearance, there […]

cosmetic vs functional rhinoplasty

Functional vs Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a term for any external or internal surgical procedure that changes the structure of the nose for functional or cosmetic purposes. Contact Allergy and ENT Associates for more information on rhinoplasty.

symptoms of a deviated septum 1 638

Symptoms of a Deviated Septum

Symptoms of a Deviated Septum from Allergy & ENT Associates The septum is the thin bone and cartilage barrier between the two sides of your nose. A “normal” septum runs straight up and down, dividing your nose into two equal halves. However, if you have a deviated septum, it’s skewed to one side, resulting in […]

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