What to Know When Seeking Functional Rhinoplasty in The Woodlands


June 11, 2014

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Many people have the misconception that rhinoplasty is only performed for purely cosmetic purposes. However, that is not the case – in fact, rhinoplasty is commonly used to correct and treat any of a number of nasal and sinus issues that can be incredibly painful and in some cases even dangerous for an individual. Functional rhinoplasty is very similar to cosmetic rhinoplasty in terms of approach, technique and recovery, but in other ways it is fundamentally different.

The primary difference is, of course, is the purpose of the procedure. People may seek rhinoplasty in The Woodlands from an ENT or skilled facial plastic surgeon for any of a number of reasons. There may be a history of trauma, previous surgery that has had a complication or chronic illness affecting the nose or siuses. However it is also a fact that certain types of nasal shapes and structures can make breathing very difficult for some people, especially during heavy exercise or while sleeping. Some symptoms of obstructed airways that may require correction through rhinoplasty include heavy mouth breathing, dry mouth after sleeping, or a reduced or even nonexistent sense of smell. Other symptoms that may occur include an increased number of sinus infections, nosebleeds, or recurring sinus headaches.

The search for a remedy will typically start with a visit to an ENT in The Woodlands, Memorial City or the greater Houston area. When an ENT recommends a functional rhinoplasty, there will certainly be a number of questions that patients want answered. If the ENT is unable to answer these questions or has limited experience with advanced rhinoplasty techniques, you may want to seek the advice of a Board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

One thing that many people want to know is whether the procedure will drastically alter the appearance of their nose. The answer to this question is not straight forward. Since the nose in question is not functioning well in the current shape… it is logical to expect some changes to be necessary in order to get the function that is desired. In general, however, the changes are minimal and in some cases, desired. It is important to remember that functional rhinopalsty does not require the sculpting of a standard cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure. In some cases, minor cosmetic flaws may naturally be corrected as a part of the procedure, such as may occur during the straightening of a deviated septum.

More extensive work may be needed in some circumstances, especially if the nose and its underlying structure has been subjected to some form of trauma in the past. Noses that are naturally severely crooked or that have been broken may require surgical treatment of the entire nasal framework.

When speaking with a Woodlands, Memorial City or greater Houston rhinoplasty surgeon about the potential of having to correct nasal issues, your doctor will guide you through the process, what is required for optimal treatment, and what you can expect the outcome of the procedure to be. Though it can be an intimidating prospect, functional rhinoplasty may be the only way to treat certain types of nasal issues. Fortunately, it is incredibly effective and can lead to much better respiratory health in the future.

If you are not sure whether you have functional nasal issues, then take the time to schedule an initial consult with a Woodlands ENT. If there’s evidence of structural issues that impact your nasal breathing, then they will direct you to an experienced Woodlands, Memorial City, and greater Houston area rhinoplasty surgeon.

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This entry was posted in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery on June 11, 2014 by AENT Team.

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