Top 5 Questions People Have About Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can benefit your life in many ways, from physical comfort to social perks. When you go in for your consultation, ask your surgeon plenty of questions and make sure you know exactly what the procedure will entail. These are the top five questions people have about plastic surgery; you’re probably wondering these things, too.

“How many of these procedures have you done?”

Ensure that you’re in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, especially one that specializes in your procedure of choice. The more times they’ve performed the procedure, the more precise they’ll be with yours. Allergy & ENT Associates’ team of plastic surgeons in Houston, TX have years of experience in specific cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty.

“Are you board certified in plastic surgery?”

Board certification means that your surgeon has completed additional training beyond their core years of medical school. That certificate proves that they’re a specialist—and that they’re so dedicated to their practice that they go above and beyond the usual training. A board-certified surgeon is passionate about their area of expertise.

“Is this procedure safe?”

Any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, carries some level of risk. Ask this question more than once; before you go under anesthesia, be aware of any possible complications and how likely they are. An experienced plastic surgeon will do everything in their power to minimize complications, and they’ll go over post-op instructions with you to ensure a smooth recovery.

“How does the anesthesia work?”

Depending on how involved the procedure is, you may be put under either local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia numbs the area around the surgical site, but you’ll still be awake for the procedure. If the process is more complicated, your surgeon may opt for general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep until it’s over. No matter which method your surgeon uses, the person putting you under should be either a board-certified anesthesiologist (a doctor) or a certified nurse anesthetist.

“What will my recovery look like?”

Many cosmetic procedures, like face-lifts and nose jobs, are done on an outpatient basis. Ask your surgeon how long you’ll be out of commission and what you should do to make your recovery more comfortable. Hospital stays are generally geared toward folks who have multiple procedures done at once. Look for a plastic surgeon in Houston, TX who will create a detailed post-op plan for you and review every step of recovery with you.

When you consult with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery, there’s no such thing as asking too many questions. If needed, keep this list of the top questions people have about plastic surgery in your pocket to jog your memory. Be as informed as possible before you go under the knife.