Give Your Sinuses a Spring Break With Allergy Drops


March 15, 2019


Allergy Drops, Kingwood ,TXSpring is here, and that means your allergies are, too. If you have been suffering from sneezing, itching, coughing, runny noses, and just about every other symptom of hay fever, then you may be wondering what on earth you can do to find some serious relief. To make sure that you breathe better and live more comfortably, we have a variety of ways to help patients like you lose their hay fever and give their sinuses the ultimate spring break vacation. One of our most popular treatments is our allergy drops for sinus relief.

What Are Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops are an orally administered form of sublingual immunotherapy which allows us to expose patients like you to allergens; this results in fewer symptoms and responses. This form of allergy resistance exposes patients to allergens like pollen, mold, mites, animal dander, and more to help lessen symptoms overtime; leaving you with less hay fever and more time to actually enjoy the fresh spring weather outside.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Allergy Drops?

We understand that allergy drops aren’t for everyone. However, we also understand that life is too short to have to live with allergies day in and day out. On average, anyone who suffers from allergies or has an intolerance may be an ideal candidate for these kinds of drops. We find that children and patients who are scared of needles make great candidates for allergy drops for sinus relief because they don’t have to worry about getting allergy injections.

How Are Allergy Drops Administered?

As we previously mentioned, allergy drops for sinus relief are orally administered and are best taken if they are placed underneath the tongue and then swallowed. One of our allergists will instruct you on how many drops you should take a day and how long each treatment will last.

Spend this year feeling better in your skin and without so many allergies. To learn more, contact us at our Kingwood office at (713) MY-SINUS.

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